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Building Community Disaster Resilience through Private-Public Collaboration

Source: The National Academies Press

Frequent and often unpredictable extreme events regularly lead to disruptions of communities both at the national and international scale. These disasters are as much the result of human decisions as of nature (land use, building codes, the engineering of critical infrastructures, etc.). This report addresses these realities and assesses the different aspects of private-public sector collaboration to enhance community disaster resilience. This private-public sector collaboration focuses more particularly on strengthening community disaster resilience, identifying the gaps in knowledge, and recommending research areas that could be targeted by the Human Factors Division of the Department of Homeland Security. The areas where resilience-focused collaboration could benefit with more knowledge are stressed, and a comprehensive research agenda is laid out. However, the members of this committee note that in the face of rapid social change and technological advancement, our understanding of resilience–focused private-public sector collaboration is in its early stages. This report is an initial exploration of a developing subject and lays the foundation for future research.

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