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Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings: Strategic Plan 2005 (FEMA 315)

FEMAThis publication discusses the mission, history, and results of FEMA’s Existing Building Program (EBP) and provides 4 objectives and 25 tasks to be carried out through the EBP. The four objectives are to 1) promote seismic rehabilitation and advance the implementation of previously developed materials; 2) monitor the use of and refine existing materials; 3) develop new seismic rehabilitation tools; and 4) consider new program directions for the EBP. Estimated costs for the next 10-15 years and guidelines for plan implementation are also included. The plan broadens the EBP’s original goal by emphasizing the protection of the nation’s economy. The publication describes how this can be accomplished by limiting fatalities, life-threatening injuries, and property and economic losses from earthquakes through an increase in the number of seismically resistant buildings in all areas of identified earthquake risk. This publication can be ordered from FEMA’s website.