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Direct-Finite-Element Method for Nonlinear Earthquake Analysis of Concrete Dams Including Dam–Water–Foundation Rock Interaction

Developed by: Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER)



Description: Evaluating the seismic performance of concrete dams requires nonlinear dynamic analysis of two- or three-dimensional dam–water–foundation rock systems that include all the factors known to be significant in the earthquake response of dams. Such analyses are greatly complicated by interaction between the structure, the impounded reservoir and the deformable foundation rock that supports it, and the fact that the fluid and foundation domains extend to large distances. Presented in this report is the development of a direct finite-element (FE) method for nonlinear earthquake analysis of two- and three-dimensional dam–water–foundation rock systems.

Authors: Arnkjell Løkke & Anil K. Chopra

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