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Welcome to the Mitigation Center

On this website you will find information on many ways to reduce losses from earthquakes. The information will be of use to a broad spectrum of audiences, from homeowners to teachers, and from building professionals to public policy makers and community planners. EERI has developed this virtual center in order to assist in decreasing earthquake losses nationally and around the world. The material archived here has been developed by many prominent researchers and organizations committed to reducing the damages that earthquakes can cause.

About the Mitigation Center

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The Mitigation Center is always looking for new documents about earthquake mitigation topics of interest to policymakers, homeowners, building professionals, and more. If your organization has a document you would like to publicize, be sure to let us know.

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Community Mitigation Retrofit Mapping Project

This map is a community mapping project to show Bay Area seismic retrofit projects from the last 20 years. We are in the process of expanding the map to cover the entire U.S. We encourage anyone with a retrofit project to enter basic information and provide a photo.

Visit the Interactive Earthquake Retrofit Map.

Developing Earthquake Scenarios

This website was created to help communities through the process of developing and using effective earthquake scenarios. The site has tools and suggestions, and has users sharing their experiences.

Visit the NEHRP Scenario Project website.

Image Gallery

Enter this part of our site for a searchable library of images from past earthquakes, as well as slideshows focused on mitigation activities. This site is constantly evolving, so check back frequently for new additions.

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