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Promoting the Adoption and Enforcement of Seismic Building Codes: A Guidebook for State Earthquake and Mitigation Managers (FEMA 313)

FEMAThis FEMA guide provides background information and education materials to help state officials promote the adoption, administration, and enforcement of state and local model building codes that contain the latest seismic provisions. The book describes the purpose, function, and effectiveness of building codes in general and seismic codes in particular and presents a step-by-step process for adopting and adminstering state or local codes. Appendices include the history and principles of seismic design; a state-by-state listing of state codes and code influences; seismic design practices in the US; examples of state and local building codes and state legislation; services of three model code organizations in the US; and resources, recommended readings, and educational materials. (39.4 MB)

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